Step into your power and full potential. You're in the right place for your abudance breakthrough.


Step into your power and full potential. You're in the right place for your abudance breakthrough.

You are in the right place

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Money Mindset and Abundance Mastery


My mission is to help other ambitious and professional women, especially women of colour, expand their wealth so that they have the resources, power, prosperity and freedom to not only take care of themselves and their loved ones but also to live the vibrant life of their dreams and have a loving impact on the world.
Recalibrate Your Money Codes is a FREE masterclass that will help you
– recalibrate your energetic set point to hold more abundance and expand your prosperity
– remove your hidden money blocks and sabotaging patterns.
– Stop sabotaging your money gains; instead, expand your energetic magnetic field to welcome prosperous partnerships and opportunities.
– Feel calm, peaceful and fulfilled as you elevate and welcome more prosperity
– Rewire your nervous system from survival and struggle  – to ease and trust.

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Ivy Marie

Ivy is a Certified Peak Performance Coach, focusing on Wealth and Worth Mastery for women, especially women of colour.

As Ivy’s work with women continued to expand, she saw the need for ambitious, professional women who were feeling stuck in the same negative money patterns specifically.

If you are feeling stuck in your financial life, repeating the same negative money patterns and are ready to make a quantum leap to the next level of wealth mastery, then connect with Ivy now.

She also works with women feeling out of balance with their feminine energy, especially in love relationships.

Ivy’s coaching method combines spirituality, ancient wisdom, science-backed peak performance and optimal psychology – so that women break through ALL their blocks in their life, especially in money and in love.

When you heal your money blocks, you unlock all sabotaging patterns and catapult to unprecedented success.

Ivy’s signature training, the MAGNETIC WEALTH CODES METHOD, is an immersive, holistic program that helps high-performance women master their wealth and worth!

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Discover Your Magnectic Wealth Archetype

I help professional women, who’re feeling stuck, stagnated and frustrated with their current income, to overcome hidden money and abundance blocks, by using energy healing techniques combined with science-backed strategies, so that they manifest higher levels of wealth, success, and empowerment.


Real Estate and Investment

Real estate is one of the fastest ways to create generational wealth for the average person. Ivy can help you with all your real estate investment needs, in the greater Toronto area, as successful Realtor and Investor.

If you are here for Real Estate and investment:

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Feng Shui is one of the world’s most powerful manifestation methods.
It has been around for over 5,000 years and has always been a part of my life.
Having learned from four different teachers and researched and read countless books on Feng Shui, I only found myself more confused and frustrated!

You may be here because you want to learn more about Feng Shui and cut through all the confusion, fear and myths around it.
I bring together the universal principles across all my findings, and I teach Feng Shui in a way that is relatable and practical and respects your empowerment!
Get my FREE Bagua Map and Instructions – it’s the only Bagua Map you will ever need!
Experience the magic of Feng Shui – the ancient art of placement and energy flow.
Feng Shui is a beautiful and potent way to anchor your dreams and goals in your reality.

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Attract your dream life partner with my Free training, the MAGNETIC LOVE METHOD.
You have so much to offer but can’t find the right guy…
You’re wondering how you can be successful in most areas of your life, but your love life is looping through the same disappointing patterns!?
Uncover the subconscious patterns keeping you single or in negative relationships.
You can be driven and ambitious and have an amazing love life!
You can have success, wealth and a relationship that is both prosperous and passionate!
This Free Training will unlock all the hidden patterns that have blocked you from getting the love and partnership you want.
Just from taking this training participants have opened a new energetic field and new levels of attraction occur immediately.

Ready to work with Ivy?

Ivy’s expertise combines leading-edge science and ancient wisdom bringing clients to unprecedented success and fulfillment, guiding them as they manifest the life of their dreams and their soul’s purpose.

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Alysha M.
Client ★★★★★

“I’ve invested thousands of dollars in different programs, but I’ve never seen a program focused on uncovering and understanding the root cause. As a result, I experienced massive awareness and insight attracting new men into my life, almost instantly. Ivy is a true professional with incredible insights to help you attract the right type of partner into your life.”

Melissa M.
Client ★★★★★

Just wanted to say that I deeply love you, your spirit, your truth, your realness! The way you practice daily from a place of authenticity, practicality and relatability at the same time from a higher vibration…I also got a big raise within a year of working with you!

Marcia M.
Client ★★★★★

I highly recommend this course, I have gained alot, taught me how to love myself more, meditate and focus on what I want to manifest. It has show me different techniques that align with me and valuable insight about my past relationships and now moving forward with so much more clarity and strength. Thank you, Ivy!”