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Why do you need this?

  •  Release your scarcity mindset and shift into a magnetic flow of abundance.

  • Expand your feminine receiving resonance and recalibrate your ability to receive.

  •  Feel joyful, vibrant and radiant in your mind, body, and spirit as you activate your body’s wealth

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  • Know it is possible for you to create the perfect life, love, and legacy you’re here to create!

  • Heal your outdated programming and money wounds so you can manifest infinite possibilities in all areas of your life.

  •  Align with your highest values of prosperity, being generous, charitable and loving while calling in more money.

I help professional, purpose-driven women, who believe in the energy of attraction and manifestation...

...go from having money blocks, feeling stuck at the same income ceiling...

...tired of being in the hustle mode --

and show them how to take their wealth and prosperity to the next level, using a fusion of spiritual, energetic, and science-based tools.

So that they can call in an overflow of abundance with ease...
...feel free...
...energized in mind, body, and spirit...
as they delete self-sabotaging money patterns...
...be a magnet for prosperity...
...master their money mindset...
...expand their generosity...
...and have fulfillment in all areas of their lives!!

What my clients are saying...


“Ivy is an amazing coach and guide, she truly comes from the heart, I soon received a $10,000 raise! I couldn’t believe that money was so easily available to me! And I finally let go of a toxic relationship and gave myself grace and space to heal from it.” 

- Melissa M.

“The year I worked with Ivy I had a great year of earning commissions, after being in a slump for the 2 years earlier.”

 - Rae S.

“Ivy’s healing and coaching sessions are intensely powerful, I was moved to tears and my body was vibrating with new energy. After working with Ivy, I got engaged with an amazing partner a year later and had the most financially successful year ever.”


- Pilar C.

Ivy Marie's

 message to you...


I truly had the lowest point in my life - here I was a single mother, in another failed relationship. This time I was bankrupt, and heartbroken. Feeling humiliated after my then boyfriend cheated on me. This led me to a profound awakening to the power of self-love and radical acceptance.


Through this I declared that I was worthy of having a loving relationship and financial abundance.

Within weeks I manifested a dream partnership that’s going on 14 years, and together we’ve amassed financial prosperity, as well as being rich in love -- while raising and building a loving blended family of our four daughters.


I'm down to earth, prefer nature, rather than over-consumption.

While I like luxury and comfort, I'm not overly materialistic - I believe society needs more loving women to be wealthy, this creates ripples of goodness in their families AND the world over.


I began on a tough path, until I embodied the codes to magnetism and the energy of attraction,  and I want to show you an easier way...


My mission is to help other purpose-driven women, EXPAND THEIR WEALTH, so that they have the RESOURCES, POWER, PROSPERITY and FREEDOM, to not only take care of their loved ones, but also to live the vibrant life of their dreams, AND to have a LOVING IMPACT on the world.


The Magnetic Wealth Codes is not like other programs, it's a intimate, sacred community, a divine portal, that will provide, coaching, guidance, mentorship, healing, and activations to

up-level your prosperity codes and give you the freedom to live your divine calling!!


 Here's some of what we cover in the Magnetic Wealth Codes...



The Magnetic Wealth Codes is a intimate, small group coaching program, a sacred container for women.


  • 3-months intensive = LIVE Weekly Sessions. Roundtable Coaching and Q&A.
  • PLUS BONUS Healing, Hypnosis, Meditation Activations throughout program (Live and customized tracks)
  • PLUS and additional 3-months Mastermind, Integration & Implementation Coaching Sessions = bi-weekly sessions for 3 another 3 months.
  • BONUS LIFETIME ACCESS to recordings & updated content
  • Private Facebook Membership Group



Some of what we cover during this Sacred Container...

 Transcend Your Money Blocks.

  • Move Away from Scarcity and Towards Universal Abundance.
  • Magnetic Resonance, Power Up Your Money Manifestation.
  • Energize Your Money Attraction.
  • Communication is Your Access to Power.
  • Mastering the Money Map Game. 










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Not Every Coach...


Takes a holistic approach to rewiring your abundance manifestation and money mindset.

Ivy has all-encompassing training in a multitude of fields such as:

- Energy healing

- Positive Psychology

- Communication Mastery

- Hypnotherapy

- Health and Fitness

- Feng Shui

- Flow state neuroscience

She has a massive toolbox of techniques, and methods - no stone is left unturned -

to get you smashing through money blocks and get you to the life beyond your dreams!!


She believes in the infinite potential of your dreams, and uses both spirituality, energetics and the practical real world tools, so you can manifest wealth, prosperity, and fulfillment in all areas of your life.


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Ivy has expert training in the science of Flow, Peak Performance, Positive Psychology, Energy Healing Mastery, Feng Shui and Fitness, and has amassed financial prosperity, while being a mother, step-mother and a loving wife, find out if she's the coach for you.

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